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Jeanine Esposito, Artist


Overall Artist Statement

Most of my work is very personal, coming out of my own search, experience and discovery of life. In my work, I try to represent the emotional and psychological states that accompany critical life transformations. I am most interested in our complex relationship with the truth – how we often search for it yet deny it when it is in front of us, and how we alternately resist and accept learning that can lead us to it. Meaning and context almost always precede the visual idea of a piece for me. I usually start with an emotional state or concept that I want to convey, then search for a way to communicate that feeling visually.

A favorite medium for me has been working with a variety of paper pulps in a sculptural way.  With pulp, I try to take advantage of the translucency and play with light as well as the incredible strength and fineness that paper fiber can possess. In addition to paper, I have always been drawn to everyday, used and discarded objects, often seeing metaphors and connections to emotional life concepts and circumstances. Many of my pieces combine this two elements -- organic paper pulp and man-made objects and discarded and found bits of material.